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The 5-C Method was designed specifically to help dentists create consistent and predictable lead flow, convert those leads into booked appointments, AND, most importantly, into returning patients.

Photoshoot list

Exclusive Shot list

We've developed an exclusive shot list for dental practices. Our photos are conversion-focused so your website and ads are on point.

dental stock photos

NO Stock Photos

Corny stock photos are overused, they produce low click-through rates and result in lower conversion rates.

Dental practice fun photoshoot

Real Photo Ads

Authentic photos are unique, they produce high click-through-rates and result in higher conversion rates.

Solution Focused

Solution-focused advertising is where patient relationships take center stage!

Procedure Focused

Procedure focused advertising costs more, has low search volume, and results in a high cost per conversion.

Customer Intent Focused

Customer intent-focused advertising costs less, has a high search volume, and results in a low cost per conversion. Winning!

High-converting Copy

Our landing pages provide visitors with the information they need to make a decision and should include persuasive content that convinces visitors to book the procedure.

Clear Headlines

Great landing page should have a headline that quickly and effectively communicates the main procedure of the product or service being offered.

Awesome dental website design

Strong Call-To-Action

The call-to-action should be easy to find and understand, and should motivate patients to take the next step.

The Third C in the 5-C Method is

#3  Clicks to Landing Pages

Landing pages with clickable call-to-actions and copy that have gone through a/b testing = unreal results.

Each of our service pages is structured as a stand-alone experience. (Headlines, offers, FAQs, etc.) We build procedure specific sales funnels that can bring in a $4k-$50k patient in just one month.​

High-converting Websites

We build the latest generation websites with proven UX from over 100k visits across mobile and desktop. All sites are created using Webflow.

Website Heatmaps

We generate heat maps automatically for all your pages. We see where people click, what they ignore, and how far they scroll.

Website Recordings

We watch how patients use your site. We explore what's working, learn what needs to be improved, and test out new ideas.

The Fourth C in the 5-C Method is

#4  Conversion Optimization

It’s completely normal for ads to fatigue or get stale. Even high-performing copy, images, and videos need tweaking after your audience has seen them for so long. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by addressing fatigue before it’s a problem that costs you money.

That’s why we test your ads every week so that we’re constantly improving conversion rates and drawing your ideal customers in.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Become the highest-rated dentist in your area, improve the patient experience, and increase retention with our tool build for dental practices.

Cultivate Leads

Email Drip Campaigns

We get high-value prospects into your funnel. Cultivate leads and convert them to booked patients with lead-nurturing campaigns.

Online Booking

Our real-time online scheduling platform helps you close the loop on all of  your marketing efforts by connecting with potential patients  wherever  they’re finding you.

Collaborate on All Your Marketing

Give visual feedback directly on your website or landing page with any device on the browser.

Account manager

Dedicated Account Managers

With, you have dedicated account managers to provide insights, suggestions, campaign performance and more.

Collaborate on All Your Marketing

Give visual feedback directly on your website or landing page with any device on the browser.

Dino Kids Dental Mailer Piece

Move Faster on Your Marketing Goals

Spend less time collecting and organizing feedback. Our tools make it easy to keep track of what's been done, what still needs to be done so you get creatives launched faster.

The Bonus C is


As well as we know this industry, no one will ever know your unique business as well as you do. That’s why we use Pastel—a marketing collaboration software that allows our clients to be part of the creative process with us. And it doesn’t matter if you have sparks of creativity in the middle of the night, we work side by side with you to deliver unlimited ads, promos, and services we’ll advertise for you.

And you don’t pay a penny more. Over-delivering on your sparks of genius is included in our service.

We want to work with you. And we want to do a good job. We’re not satisfied unless we help you score a big win. That’s why, If after 90 days of going live with your site, funnels, and automation you haven’t averaged 30 leads per month, we’ll give you a free month of our marketing services. Because if you’re not getting the results you deserve, then the least we can do is get you back to profitability before you leave us.

You read that right. We’re willing to spend money to help you break even or even leave in the black so that you’re in a better position than when you started with us regardless of the success of your campaign.