GET A PROPOSAL Adds Another Client in Boston, MA

Boca Raton, Fla. - July 3, 2024 - Adds Another Client in Boston, MA.  This expansion signifies another step forward in our mission to provide top-notch dental marketing services nationwide.

Founder Bill Donato expressed enthusiasm about's expansion into Boston, stating, "We are excited to enter Boston, MA, and provide top-tier dental marketing services in Cambridge, Somerville, and surrounding areas."

Founded in 2014, has become the nation's premier dental marketing firm, assisting over 1,400+ satisfied dentists in attracting new patients monthly using our proprietary 5-C Marketing Method. This method ensures a steady stream of profitable new patients each month.

The 5-C Method leverages our clients’ success through a strategic approach

  • Custom Photography: Professional on-site photo shoots capture the essence of your dental practice, enhancing credibility and patient attraction.
  • Customer Intent: Focusing on customer needs rather than dental procedures optimizes lead generation. Understanding patient intent ensures better-qualified leads.
  • Clicks to Landing Pages: Optimized landing pages with compelling call-to-actions ensure high conversion rates through extensive A/B testing.
  • Conversion Optimization: Proactively refreshing ad content prevents viewer fatigue and maintains effective lead conversion rates.
  • Cultivate Leads: Beyond generating leads, our method ensures booked appointments by nurturing potential patients throughout the conversion process.

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