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The 5-C Method was designed specifically to help dentists create consistent and predictable lead flow, convert those leads into booked appointments, AND, most importantly, into returning patients

Photoshoot list

Exclusive Shot List

We've developed an exclusive shot list for dental practices. Our photos are conversion-focused so your website and ads are on point.

Dr. Stewy headshot at Magnolia Dentistry office

Real Photo Ads

Authentic photos are unique, they produce higher response rates and result in higher conversion rates.

no use of stock photos

NO Stock Photos

Corny stock photos are overused, they produce low click-through rates and result in lower conversion rates.

Solution Focused

Solution-focused advertising is where patient relationships take center stage!

Customer Intent Focused

Customer intent-focused mailers costs less, have higher reach areas and results in a low cost per conversion. Winning!

Procedure Focused

Procedure focused mail campaigns cost more, have low search volume and results in a high cost per conversion.

USPS Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery service lets you add engaging images and landing pages to your mail pieces, nearly doubling response rates!

Custom Landing Page

We'll set up a sub-domain on your main website, specifically designed to send new patients to high-converting pages, skyrocketing your conversion rates

Strong Offers

The offer and call-to-action should be easy to understand, and motivate new patients to take the next step.

The Third C in the 5-C Method is

Clicks to Landing Pages

Each of our mailers has a dedicated landing page complete with headlines, offers, FAQs, etc.

Landing pages featuring clickable call-to-actions and copy that has undergone A/B testing yield incredible results.

As an authorized USPS partner, we leverage their Informed Delivery program to send emails to your direct mail list, driving potential patients toward our carefully curated, procedure-specific landing page funnels.

Zone Analysis

We analyze every ZIP code to understand its unique demographics and craft messages designed for those potential patients.

4-Month Test

Over a four-month period, we conduct an analysis of various designs and messages, as well as phone calls and production data. Then we use that data for the next set of mailers.

Evidence Based Mail

Evidence-based direct mail is essential. We apply best practices and hard data to ensure effective direct mail campaigns.

The Fourth C in the 5-C Method is

Conversion Optimization

We need evidence-based direct mail, just like we need evidence-based dentistry. We need to take that same approach using best practices for direct mail.

Every neighborhood is made up of different types of patients, a unique demographic. And those potential patients are going to respond differently to our mailers. So we send out a variety of different designs, different messages, analyzing all the phone calls, analyzing the production, and comparing all that data to what we actually need in the practice.

Retargeting Visitors

Retargeting allows us to display ads across Google and local news sites, to patients that have visited your direct mail landing pages.

Cultivate Leads

Email Drip Campaigns

We get high-value prospects into your funnel. Cultivate leads and convert them to booked patients with lead-nurturing campaigns.

Magnolia Dentistry Direct Mail: Mailer piece showcasing the QR code to visit the landing page

Link to Social Media

We can boost your local brand visibility by syncing your direct mail landing pages, QR codes, and social media. This strategy strengthens patient connections and bolsters your reputation.

Collaborate on All Your Marketing

Give visual feedback directly on your website or landing page with any device on the browser.

Account manager

Dedicated Account Managers

With, you have dedicated account managers to provide insights, suggestions, campaign performance, and more.

Dino Kids Dental Mailer Piece

Collaborate on All Your Marketing

Give visual feedback directly on your website or landing page with any device on the browser.

Real-time Reporting

Our real-time dashboard tracks all patients generated from your direct mail marketing, providing insights into phone calls, offline conversions, visits, retargeting conversions, and much more!

The Bonus C is


As well as we know this industry, no one will ever know your unique business as well as you do. That’s why we use Pastel—a marketing collaboration software that allows our clients to be part of the creative process with us. And it doesn’t matter if you have sparks of creativity in the middle of the night, we work side by side with you to deliver beautiful direct mail.

And you don’t pay a penny more. Over-delivering on your sparks of genius is included in our service.

Our Experience

Does Your Marketing Company Know the Difference Between Crowns & All-On-4? has a proven track record of success in generating high-quality, new patient appointments for a wide range of dental services.

Dental Marketing staff working

To get started, all it takes is a simple initial investment of just $100. This will cover all your campaign essentials, from list compilation and graphic design to printing, production, and mailing services, including setting up response tracking.

You only pay the remaining balance when you're fully satisfied and ready to launch your campaign.

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