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Building Your Brand

This stage involves finalizing the practice's name, slogan, and logo. The benefit of this is creating a strong and distinct brand identity which is critical for recognition and establishing a unique presence in the dental market.

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Branding Style Guide

This includes various logo files, colors, and typography that define the overall look of the brand. The benefit is maintaining brand consistency across different platforms and materials, which reinforces the brand identity and improves recognition among patients.

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Digital Presence Setup

This encompasses new domain, building a coming soon website, and creating business social media profiles. It also includes setting up a  Google My Business Page and improving SEO citations.

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Marketing Analysis & Launch

This includes gaining insight into your audience’s demographics, launching a 'coming soon' website, creating a Google Ads account, and launching a comprehensive marketing plan (5-C Marketing Plan).

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Why We Created This Free Checklist

At Dental Marketing, we specialize in producing tangible results for dental practices through direct-response advertising.

We focus on generating leads and appointments, providing you not just 'likes' and comments,  but actual patients to grow your practice.

We created this Pre-Opening Checklist after hearing one too many stories of dentists who had lost time, money, and momentum by choosing the wrong agency for their needs.

Our goal is to ensure that your dental practice is set up for success, not just in your advertising campaigns but from the very inception of your practice. We hope this guide serves as an essential tool in your dental startup journey.

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