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Google has recognized as experts in Google Ads! 🚀 When you ask Google, "What is the best time to run ads for a dental practice?" Google will return our research. They see us as the expert and placed our research paper as a rich snippet. Try it yourself—search "when is the best time to run ads for a dental practice." But what does that mean for you and your practice? Let's dive into our findings and see how they can supercharge your marketing efforts.

Our In-House Data Scientist's Study

Our in-house data scientist, Rudik, has been hard at work analyzing hundreds of dental practice ad campaign metrics to find the perfect recipe for Google Ads success. It's not just about managing budgets; it's about customizing your approach to fit the unique needs of your practice.

Read our in-house data scientist's study here!

Best Time to Run Google Ads for a Dental Practice


  • Mondays: The week starts strong with the best overall performance.
  • Fridays: Cost per conversion is lowest, making it an efficient day for budget-friendly campaigns.
  • Tuesdays: Higher cost per conversion, suggesting careful budget allocation.
  • Thursdays: Lowest conversion rates, calling for strategic adjustments.


  • December: Lowest cost per conversion and highest conversion rates, ideal for aggressive marketing.
  • July: Highest costs and lowest rates, requiring a more cautious approach.


  • Business Hours: Spike in cost per conversion, particularly between 5-6 PM.
  • Early Mornings (8-11 AM): More cost-effective opportunities.

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