2024 Best Practices for Minimizing Ad Spend

In the competitive arena of dental advertising, timing can make all the difference. introduces a groundbreaking approach, utilizing data science to identify the optimal moments for your Google Ads. Our extensive analysis of Local Dental Google Ads data reveals the key days, hours, and months for launching high-impact campaigns, tailored specifically for the dental industry.

Our algorithm, tailored specifically for the dental industry, goes beyond traditional methods, offering precision and performance. A recent compelling case study shows how one of our clients achieved a 92% increase in conversions without raising their ad budget. Read on to see how's strategies can maximize your digital marketing efforts, turning your campaigns into conversion powerhouses.

Why It Matters

Ad advertising is increasingly competitive and gaining an edge over your competition is crucial.  If you know the best times and days to acquire new patients, as well as the best times of the week, month, and year, right down to the hour, you can bid accordingly and secure better results.

Our Study

Our analysis of Local Dental Google Ads data, from January 2022 to November 2023, resulted in a comprehensive dataset of 1,923,527 unique rows, focusing on hourly metrics like clicks, conversions, and costs, and stored in Google BigQuery. This data was collected and organized using the Google Ads API and Python.

The Findings

Every dentist wants to know: What are the best days to run ads? We have the answers.  Mondays and Fridays stand out as the most effective days for running Google Ads in dental practices, with Mondays offering the best overall performance and Fridays providing the lowest cost per conversion.

Additionally, early mornings (8-11 AM) present more cost-effective opportunities, while business hours, especially between 5-6 PM, see a spike in cost per conversion. December is the ideal month for aggressive marketing due to its low costs and high conversion rates, contrasting with July which demands a cautious approach with its higher costs and lower conversion rates.

Our Algorithm

Unlike traditional day parting scripts marketers use, our algorithm runs a unique bid each day of the year, over 365 bids, leveraging historical data from every hour of each day. This approach allows for accurate, real-time budget adjustments based on historical insights. For instance, the algorithm bids differently on a Monday in September versus a Monday in December. Both days are wildly different.

With our algorithm, we are able to reference how each hour of the day of every day has performed and bid accordingly. This is not possible with the existing scripts marketers use.

Case Study

In November 2023, our algorithm achieved 92% more conversions with the same ad spend compared to a non-optimized account. Average of 27 campaign changes per day.

Why Choose

If your team isn't leveraging data science and algorithms to enhance your campaign performance, you're letting both money and performance go to waste; the same budget could be bringing in more patients. Read’s study today!