Dental Marketing staff working


Digital (Start-up Funnel)


The Smile Company


Start-up Funnel (Digital & Branding)

What Did We Do

The Approach

Google SEO

We created local-ranking dental implant pages. Google "dental implants sunny isles", "dentist sunny isles" or countless others and Dr. George ranks 1-1.

Audience Remarketing

We utilized Google's audience remarketing feature to target SEO visitors resulting in a significant  increase in conversion rates.

Video Ads

We ran video ads using a dental implant case study video to draw people into the funnel for dental implants, all-on-4, dentures, and Full Mouth cases.

Google Ads (Performance Max)

We ran Google’s Performance Max to target local customers who had visited local Google My Business pages for Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and The Apple Store.


We developed three remarketing sets that featured patient specials, driving them to the office.

Start-up Funnel

Once the campaign started generating quality leads we build an automation funnel.

Custom Google Ads Scripts

We found gaps in their local competition’s strategy, and use device bidding with time of day scripts to create custom bid modifiers resulting in >28% conversion rate on Google Ads.

Reputation Management

Embedded a custom reputation widget into their marketing funnel to help them achieve over 600 reviews on Google.

Direct Mail

We created a recurring workflow to download a list of their overdue patients and send personalized direct mail customized by procedure.

Over the last 90 days

The Results


Cost per lead


Inbound Calls

Google Ranking

New Patients

400 in the first 90 days


$5 per lead


Implant Consultations

Paid Ads

What the dentist said

The Feedback

Custom Photo & Video

Make you look good, with a beautiful/hip photos & modern

Clicks to Landing Pages

Sales funnels can bring in a $5k patient in one month.

Conversion Optimization

Customer-centric copy based on the intent of the potential customer NOT procedure.